The best cryptocurrency exchanges in australia

After hearing the news of the massive profits made by cryptocurrency traders, many people in Australia are interested in trading in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since their prices are fluctuating rapidly. There are a large number of trading platforms available so traders would like to find out which is the best trading platform. So of the factors which determine the best cryptocurrency exchanges in australia are number of cryptocurrencies, fees trade, prices, speed of trading, currencies on the platform.

Based on the reviews of cryptocurrency traders some of the best exchanges in Australia are listed below – Zipmex Australia accepts deposits in Australian dollars, and has the lowest trading fees. It is also has low prices for the popular currencies like BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, XRP so that the traders can maximize their profit, and trades are completed fast. It offers high liquidity and the user interface is well designed. – another trading platform based in Australia, allows traders to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum and more than 70 different popular cryptocurrencies with new currencies being added frequently. The trading fee is 0.6%, Traders can make their deposits in Australian dollars. – Australia based digital exchange accepting deposits in Australian dollars. Traders can trade in 100 popular cryptocurrencies and are charged a trading fee of 1%

Independent reserve, is also a digital exchange which is Australia-based and accepts deposits in United States, Australia and New Zealand dollars. The traders can trade in 13 different cryptocurrencies with the trading fee 0.5%

Binance is based in China, and only allows trading in cryptocurrencies, does not accept other fiat currencies . It offers a wide range of more than 120 cryptocurrencies and has lower fees at 0.1%

Etoro is based in Europe and accepts payment in US$ and British pounds. It allows trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and three other cryptocurrencies. The fees charged for trading are varying daily.…

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