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Is VIDinc for me?

If you’re reading this, definitely! If you enjoy online video, live music, conventions, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, meeting stars or want to network with other aspiring YouTubers then COME TO VIDinc!

What is VIDinc?

VIDinc is the first and definitely best real life event in online video in Australia. It’s a festival, convention, concert, party and conference all rolled into one. We’d like to think that we are showcasing online stars in the physical dimension.

When is VIDinc 2013?

VIDinc is on August 18th this year.

Who is going to VIDinc 2013?

Check out the lineup so far at the Artist’s page. Also check out our Twitter & Facebook to be the first to know about more info and announcements.

How much does VIDinc 2013 cost?

Registration starts at $35 for Concession and $45 Adult for a VIDinc pass. Check the tickets page for description and prices.

What can I do at VIDinc?

First and foremost, VIDinc is a festival for everyone who loves online video! There will be live performances by many of your favorite online artists, interviews and interactive talks, complete with audience participation. There will also be meet and greet sessions with all of the artists participating, and artists will have merchandise for sale.

Do the Meet & Greets at VIDinc happen in the same room as the performances?

Nope! We have a massive stage area set up for our star performances and for the meet and greet sessions, it will be separate area in the exhibition arena.

What do the different types of passes mean?

VIDinc GA Pass: This pass is for access to the VIDinc Event including performances, interactive talks and opportunities for meet and greets on Sunday.

VIDinc Main Event VIP Pass: This pass includes limited front of stage seats and VIP show bags

Will there be merchandise for sale for the artists?

Yes! In addition to the official VIDinc 2013 t-shirts and showbags that will be available, merchandise booths will be set up beside the Meet & Greet area so you can buy the merchandise of your favourite artists. Merchandise includes t-shirts, bracelets, hoodies and more!

Am I old enough to attend?

Yes, VIDinc 2013 is an event for all ages!

How will the registration appear on my credit card?

The charge will appear as “AJVE PTY LTD SYDNEY”.

What information do I need to get into the convention once I purchase my pass?

A printed out PDF of your ticket will be required for registration into VIDinc 2013.

I would really love to become a sponsoring party of VIDinc 2013, who should I contact?

We are currently accepting applications for sponsors. You can submit at our contact page.

Why VIDinc in Australia?

Online video has become a powerful medium in today’s society and its lack of geographical constraints means that a creator has access to an audience from every corner of the planet. Australia has emerged as a fruitful destination of online creators but there has yet to be an establishment of a community for them and we at VIDinc want to be the first to do so; to not only provide a physical space for fans to meet online stars from around the world and from Australia but to also create a community to cultivate more local interest in the world of online video.