Ideas for automation of your house

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That the people of the comics, who lived in an area where the neighborhood itself met their needs, demand and demand it? We are not there yet as a company, but we are very close. Improvements in home automation have made it possible to automate everything from making your morning coffee to feeding your pets.


Almost anything is possible:

The sky is clearly the limit in terms of what can be done with these units. Of course, your budget can affect your trip as well, but let’s assume that’s not an option right now. Find out what these technological marvels can do.


Lighting: By automating your lighting, you have access to separate lighting settings for different activities. Imagine having the perfect lighting for watching TV and sitting down to your romantic dinner with just the push of a button. Lighting automation also means that the lights in your hallway can be programmed to turn on when you walk into your bathroom at midnight. Your balcony and entryway lights can come on as you walk into your home, and your kitchen lights can come on on their own in the morning when you head for a bowl of cereal at dawn.


Home Audio: Visualize soothing jazz music that can be heard in the bedroom every night before bed. Or how about the morning news in the kitchen with the coffee maker to start your morning off right? By automating your sound system, you can even stream everything you listen to from room to room as you move from the kitchen to your bathroom in the afternoon relaxing on the porch. With a home automation system, you have everything at your fingertips.


Security: Another great advantage of home automation is increased security. Home security systems can be integrated with your home automation system so that all functions are always within reach. You can view the wireless feed images from the security cameras on your TV while watching the device live. Your lights can be programmed to move from room to room when you’re not around, and they can also be programmed to instantly illuminate your home and property in the event of an unwanted intruder. And of course, the home automation system is always in contact with your security provider, so you can be sure help is on the way if something goes wrong.


Everything Else: While the above features look great, they only scratch the surface of what home automation can do. It’s easy to start your dinner all over town. You can program the system to feed your pets on a set schedule, water your plants, open and close motorised blinds with somfy at set times of the day, and even regulate the temperature in the house to save money when you go. are not there. The point is, the Jetsons are actually not as far as you might think.