Tips to sell your car fast in Australia

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There are many times in life when you need to sell your car quickly. The reality is that people are buying cars every day and the secret is to understand the value of your vehicle in the market and think like a buyer instead of a seller. Before you list your car for sale, there are essential tips to prepare it to increase its appeal. Have it detailed by a professional. You should have your car cleaned from top to bottom for a couple of hundred dollars to save you a couple of weekends doing it yourself. If you choose to clean it yourself, ensure you clean in all the hard to get areas such as engine bay, boot opening and door opening. Never leave anything lying in your boot or interior, which makes your vehicle look untidy in the eyes of the buyer. 

If you are a smoker, clean the lighter and ashtray and ensure your interior doesn't smell cigarette smoke. Clean the exterior including windows, wheels and the stainless trim. Ensure your car has been recently serviced before you sell. It may look as if you are avoiding something if you sell it when a service is due. Inflate the tires to correct pressure. It can be awkward when you go for a test drive and be shimmied and shaken because the owner didn't take time to set the tires pressures. To show your potential buyer that your car had been serviced regularly, you should have the cars service record paper. It’s another way to demonstrate to the buyer you have looked after it. You should have the cars ownership papers on hand to prove you are the owner of the car you are selling. Consider investing in the car history report. There are many online services that offer this service in Australia like buy my car.