Ian Boer Review

Ian Boer is a company that deals with kitchen and catering equipment in Australia. It has been in this industry for more than 32 years. Ian Boer staffs are well-informed and experienced in matters concerning commercial kitchen and catering equipment. Having worked with most businesses in Australia means we are a reliable and reputable company as we are aware of the best equipment suited for your home.

They offer a variety of equipment for purchase, long-term rental, and other lease options. We also lease catering and kitchen equipment for short-term events and trade shows.

They are professionals, and our objective is to help businesses to flourish, and that’s why our experienced staff will find you the right equipment suited for your needs. If you’re short on cash and reluctant to rent, then visit our preowned demo models for amazing deals.

Our review of Ian Boer, they were aware of the financial problems most entrepreneurs are currently facing, and that’s why they offered offeredd high-quality kitchen and catering equipment at an affordable cost.

They offer a personal service.

Besides the delivery of exceptional equipment, their services are personal and quite easy to access. Once you shop with them, expect the following in return:

  • Excellent customer service
  • High-quality products
  • Free delivery of the equipment you’ve bought through our specialized vehicles or third party transport in Australia.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction, every time you shop with us.

If you find out that the equipment you’re searching for is nowhere to be found on our website, notify them immediately, and their IT support team will get in touch with you to find what you are looking for. They source specialized equipment from all corners of the world.

If you have any questions regarding the most suitable equipment for your event or business, give them a call, and they will help.

With that in mind, call them today or subscribe to get all the news regarding our display fridges and our latest deals in your mail inbox.


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Tips to sell your car fast in Australia

There are many times in life when you need to sell your car quickly. The reality is that people are buying cars every day and the secret is to understand the value of your vehicle in the market and think like a buyer instead of a seller. Before you list your car for sale, there are essential tips to prepare it to increase its appeal. Have it detailed by a professional. You should have your car cleaned from top to bottom for a couple of hundred dollars to save you a couple of weekends doing it yourself. If you choose to clean it yourself, ensure you clean in all the hard to get areas such as engine bay, boot opening and door opening. Never leave anything lying in your boot or interior, which makes your vehicle look untidy in the eyes of the buyer. 

If you are a smoker, clean the lighter and ashtray and ensure your interior doesn't smell cigarette smoke. Clean the exterior including windows, wheels and the stainless trim. Ensure your car has been recently serviced before you sell. It may look as if you are avoiding something if you sell it when a service is due. Inflate the tires to correct pressure. It can be awkward when you go for a test drive and be shimmied and shaken because the owner didn't take time to set the tires pressures. To show your potential buyer that your car had been serviced regularly, you should have the cars service record paper. It’s another way to demonstrate to the buyer you have looked after it. You should have the cars ownership papers on hand to prove you are the owner of the car you are selling. Consider investing in the car history report. There are many online services that offer this service in Australia like buy my car.

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Electric kicks Australia review

If you are looking for Electric Kicks review Australia review then you are at the right place. Here we would be discussing about some of the essential things which you need to know about Electric Kicks Australia. The first thing which you need to know about Electric Kicks Australia is that they have got an excellent customer support team so if in case you need to know anything regarding their products you can ask them and they would happily help you. Moreover, they don’t take much time to deliver the products. So, if you are ordering any products from them then you can surely expect them to deliver the products as soon as they can.


Electric Kicks Australia is becoming popular day by day due to its good quality electric scooters. A lot of people are considering buying from them due to the availability of good quality electric scooters from them at the comfort of their homes. You don’t actually need to go from one place to the other to look for a wide range of electric scooters as you can easily browse their website and purchase the one which is most appealing to you and which suits your needs the most. Not only would you find a wide range of good quality electric scooters on their online store, but you would also get the opportunity to buy some great accessories from them at affordable rates. So, without wasting more time, just go through their online website and buy the products you need to buy.


If you want to read some more Electric Kicks Australia review then you can look for them online. You would find some great customer reviews which will help you to know more about this amazing online store and the kind of products and services they have been providing to their customers.…

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The best cryptocurrency exchanges in australia

After hearing the news of the massive profits made by cryptocurrency traders, many people in Australia are interested in trading in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since their prices are fluctuating rapidly. There are a large number of trading platforms available so traders would like to find out which is the best trading platform. So of the factors which determine the best cryptocurrency exchanges in australia are number of cryptocurrencies, fees trade, prices, speed of trading, currencies on the platform.

Based on the reviews of cryptocurrency traders some of the best exchanges in Australia are listed below

Zipmex.com.au – Zipmex Australia accepts deposits in Australian dollars, and has the lowest trading fees. It is also has low prices for the popular currencies like BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, XRP so that the traders can maximize their profit, and trades are completed fast. It offers high liquidity and the user interface is well designed.

Swyftx.com.au – another trading platform based in Australia, allows traders to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum and more than 70 different popular cryptocurrencies with new currencies being added frequently. The trading fee is 0.6%, Traders can make their deposits in Australian dollars.

Coinspot.com.au – Australia based digital exchange accepting deposits in Australian dollars. Traders can trade in 100 popular cryptocurrencies and are charged a trading fee of 1%

Independent reserve, independentreserve.com is also a digital exchange which is Australia-based and accepts deposits in United States, Australia and New Zealand dollars. The traders can trade in 13 different cryptocurrencies with the trading fee 0.5%

Binance is based in China, and only allows trading in cryptocurrencies, does not accept other fiat currencies . It offers a wide range of more than 120 cryptocurrencies and has lower fees at 0.1%

Etoro is based in Europe and accepts payment in US$ and British pounds. It allows trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and three other cryptocurrencies. The fees charged for trading are varying daily.…

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What is a cctv pipe inspection- Know its benefits for your needs.

Blockage is considered as the most common problem that affects the pipe work and it is important to look for the cause of the blockage so that you can take steps fort eliminating the problem. There might be wastes and material build up inside the pipe that is causing the blockage and hence you will need to look for the best method for identifying the extent of the problem. For this you will need to consider cctv pipe inspection in Sydney as it is the best method for treating this problem but for this you will need to know what is a cctv pipe inspection. This is an excellent method for finding the main reason for the damage because it is a tricky task especially since the pipes are buried inside the ground.

Cctv pipe inspection is the best way of identifying the problem with the underground pipes and taking steps for removing the obstructions that are causing the damage so that it will ensure that water will flow effortlessly. This method involves the use of video for inspecting the utility lines visually for looking for cracks, blockages, infractions and any other imperfections that exists in the line. The video camera is navigated through utility line that is done with the use of remote control or manually and it provides a video feed for looking into the interior of the pipe. You will be able to identify the problem inside the line with the use of advancement of technology which is considered as a fast, accurate, non invasive and cost effective way of finding the problem inside the pipe.

The use of closed circuit television inspection will help in look inside the pipe while knowing the exact location of the problems as well as the severity of the blockage so that you can take steps accordingly to eliminate the problem.…

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Find out are personal trainers worth it for a healthy body.

If you are looking for the best way of achieving a fit and healthy body then you will need to hire a personal trainer who will help you reach your fitness goals. But before that, you will need to find out are personal trainers worth it so that you can hire this professional for meeting your requirements. A personal trainer will offer you a large number of benefits as it is an excellent investment for your health and overall well being. Hence you will need to look for someone who will suit your fitness type and personality without causing any injuries.


If you want to be healthy then you will need to hire a personal trainer who will help you to stay physically active and motivated to live a healthy life in a safe manner. An experienced and qualified personal trainer will help you in achieving your fitness goals so that you can stick to the fitness plan. He will also motivate you so that you will push yourself a little harder and make a considerable difference in your weighing scale. A personal trainer is also responsible for reducing the risk of injuries that might be caused due to poor execution and ignorance during workouts and exercise.


A knowledgeable and skilled personal trainer is a worthwhile investment for your life so that you will gain muscles and lose fat in an effective manner without any kind of side effects. This is the best way of striking proper balance for burning fat and building lean muscles within a short span of time so that you will be able to set realistic goals. A personal trainer will also be able to help you see positive results so that you will achieve your fitness goals within a short span of time and make you happier and healthier.


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How to Setup Christmas Lights

Everyone wants their homes looking brighter than Whoville at Christmas, but not everyone wants to do the work. And even if they do, not properly. Lots of articles are written every year about how some poor bloke had an accident while hanging their Christmas lights. If you’re committed to being the envy of the neighborhood, here’s how to setup outdoor Christmas laser lights at Christmas Elves without breaking a bone.


Survey Your Building


A proper Christmas setup begins with a good and proper survey of your building. Don’t just go out and buy whatever looks “Christmas-y”, only buy what will fit with the general layout of your home. To do this, take several photos of your home, from different angles. This way you’ll know what sort of view you want to give your neighbors.During survey, you’ll want to take note of how many AC outlets are available. This will determine the types of décor you’ll buy – whether they’ll be battery operated, have USB ports or AC outlets.


Decide all the places you need to be decorated, then take measurements of them. The longer the fairy lights, the few AC outlets you’ll need. Once you’ve decided on how you want your home to look, and have taken the necessary measurements, you can now set out to buy your Christmas décor.


Get the Right Tools


The level of difficulty you experience while setting up your Christmas lights can depend on the tools you have, and the initiative you take before the deep winter sets in. Having a sturdy ladder, designed with hooks to keep your bucket of tools can save you multiple trips up and down the roof. If you can, pre-install the wiring fasteners that your Christmas lights will follow. Ensure you get the right fasteners, don’t just nail anything that can temper with the structural integrity of your building.


Hang your Lights


Begin at the socket, then move upwards. When you’re done with the roof, move on to other elements in your home – columns, railings, windows, trees.

And that’s it! Now sit back and enjoy your aesthetic hard work.…

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The Best Way to Preform IT Setup for New Office

Many owners and business managers want to know “how to preform a IT setup for new office.” This is a common and interesting topic as many new companies and existing companies transfer their operations to a new office. Every time a new office space is used, proper IT services must be set up with the computers and devices. For this reason many owners and managers need information on the best way to set up IT services for their brand new office.


The first step when ensuring the set up runs smoothly is to contact your IT service in advance and make them aware of the office move. This will help to fast track the set up process once the company is settled in the new office. Once a company is aware they will be relocating, they should inform their IT company. This gives the IT company time to prepare and ensure they can meet their needs in the new location. If a brand new company is initiating their first offie, they may need to first select a service and then inform them on their location. Both existing and new business may need to establish a new office. IT services can be easily set up in a new space as long as the company is aware. If the company is not aware of the location change, they may not be able to assist the company right away.


IT services are critical for most businesses as they rely heavily upon software. When software malfunctions, businesses typically incur a loss as a result. For this reason, it is important to notify your IT company prior to your relocation to ensure no disruption in services occurs. This is the most effective method to ensure services are smooth and secure even when beginning business in a brand new office.…

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Is breast augmentation effective- Know the benefits of the surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular and renowned surgical procedures among women who are unhappy with their breasts. They want to change the size and shape of their breasts and for this, they go for this surgery that will make their breasts even more symmetrical and attractive. Hence if you are also looking for this surgery, you will need to find out is breast augmentation effective so that you can enjoy a host of benefits.

Breast augmentation is effective for treating issues in women like underdeveloped breasts, changes in breasts after pregnancy, undesirable shape and size of breasts. But with the help of the surgery, you can rest assured that the breast size and shape will be improved greatly. It will also help in improving your self esteem as you will get a more proportional shape of breasts so that you will be more confident and happy. This surgery is very effective but there are certain complications associated with the surgery that you need to know so that you will get the desired outcome.


The most common complications that might arise after the surgery include asymmetry and loss of sensation in nipples. Moreover, it has also been seen that the healing period after the surgery can be very painful and there may be scarring and bruising that needs time to be treated after the surgery. There are instances when the body does not accept the implants or the implants may leak or rupture which will eventually cause damage to the body. Choosing the wrong implants can also be a health risk as the material may not suit your body causing severe side effects. Therefore it is important to take into account all these health risks and complications before going for the procedure. If you feel that the effectiveness outweighs the complications of breast augmentation surgery then you should consider this option. So what are you waiting for, inquire now at breastaugmentation.com.au

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Choosing the Right Property Examination to Fit Your Budget

It is always very essential to have a pre-building inspection carried out by licensed professionals. Most properties both new and old may have all sorts of faults which may include structural damage, wiring problems, plumbing issues, and even decay.


Nevertheless, when choosing a building inspector, you will obviously come across different rates. It is necessary to take time and do some research and choose your inspector depending on the below principles so that you remain within your budget during your substantial inspection.


Quality Report


Substandard home building inspection has a pre-purchase report that is not well detailed as it is composed of less information, fewer boxes to check when the inspection is being conducted. Inspection is usually done in order so as the minimize the volume of overheads.

It is very disturbing that these reports are done with no detailed inspection and can be disastrous if the inspector skips some of the main issues that face a property. When choosing a building inspector, you should opt for one who provides a high-quality report at fair prices.


Time is taken to complete the inspection at preciseinspections.com.au


A good inspector should not take much time thoroughly inspecting a particular section of the property. Inexperienced building inspectors tend to take more time when surveying a particular section of the property. Choosing a cheap and inexperienced building inspector may take too much time to generate the final report, this is the time that should be used in finalizing your purchase.


Negotiating Power


Once your building inspector has conducted a thorough building inspection, you will have the reference when it comes to negotiating the price of the property based on the findings of the inspections. For instance, if the inspector discovered that the property needs repair, you will stand a position to negotiate for a lower price depending on the outcome of the building inspection.…

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