How to Setup Christmas Lights

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Everyone wants their homes looking brighter than Whoville at Christmas, but not everyone wants to do the work. And even if they do, not properly. Lots of articles are written every year about how some poor bloke had an accident while hanging their Christmas lights. If you’re committed to being the envy of the neighborhood, here’s how to setup outdoor Christmas laser lights at Christmas Elves without breaking a bone.


Survey Your Building


A proper Christmas setup begins with a good and proper survey of your building. Don’t just go out and buy whatever looks “Christmas-y”, only buy what will fit with the general layout of your home. To do this, take several photos of your home, from different angles. This way you’ll know what sort of view you want to give your neighbors.During survey, you’ll want to take note of how many AC outlets are available. This will determine the types of décor you’ll buy – whether they’ll be battery operated, have USB ports or AC outlets.


Decide all the places you need to be decorated, then take measurements of them. The longer the fairy lights, the few AC outlets you’ll need. Once you’ve decided on how you want your home to look, and have taken the necessary measurements, you can now set out to buy your Christmas décor.


Get the Right Tools


The level of difficulty you experience while setting up your Christmas lights can depend on the tools you have, and the initiative you take before the deep winter sets in. Having a sturdy ladder, designed with hooks to keep your bucket of tools can save you multiple trips up and down the roof. If you can, pre-install the wiring fasteners that your Christmas lights will follow. Ensure you get the right fasteners, don’t just nail anything that can temper with the structural integrity of your building.


Hang your Lights


Begin at the socket, then move upwards. When you’re done with the roof, move on to other elements in your home – columns, railings, windows, trees.

And that’s it! Now sit back and enjoy your aesthetic hard work.