Costly canine

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Pets are part of the human world ever since we have started to act like better, more civilized individuals, and not just purely savage creatures. Dogs have been one of the first to join our world and society and have been always by our side, loyal from the first day to the last. If you are living in Australia and want to feel some of the ancient loyalty and care that a dog provides you might need to spend more money than you thought you would need to.

What you have to consider first is the price of the dog and there is a lot of puppies for sale in Melbourne. They can range wildly. From a few hundred dollars to up to 4,000 dollars if you really want a unique breed of dog. The cheapest dog breed to buy, but also one of the cutest is a beagle. They can cost around 200 dollars, but in some cases, they can also cost up to 500 dollars. The many terrier breeds of dogs are also quite cheap in comparison to some other breeds. Both the manchester and Irish terrier breed of dog costs around 500 to 600 dollars.
Now that you have bought your dog, you have to think about the medical and every other type of expenses you will need. The first year is probably the roughest financially. There are quite a few medical expenses in the vet’s office that can balloon all the way up to over a 1000 dollars. These include chipping, vaccination, check-ups.
Then you will need to buy collars, leashes beds, bowls, etc. In total, the first year of owning a dog will cost you around 4,000 dollars.
After that, it gets cheaper. In the following years to come, you will need to take care of his hygiene, food, and medical expenses. In most cases, these will cost you between a 1,500 and 2 thousand dollars per year.